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Microsoft Office 2016 for mac

(149 customer reviews)


  • Microsoft Office home and business 2016 purchase and download
  • For Windows one-time purchase for a Lifetime
  • No Subscriptions, Not for iPad
  • Includes ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook)
  •  Authorized Microsoft Reseller
  •  Instant Email Delivery.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The essentials to get it all done. Office Home and Business 2016 is for families and small businesses who want classic Office apps and email. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for Mac. A one-time purchase installed on 1 Mac for use at home or work.

  • Download & Activate Immediately Direct From Microsoft Website
  • Delivered to your e-mail address within 10 mints
  • Genuine Retail Software 100% Guaranteed
  • Still, have questions? Let’s Live Chat


Microsoft Office home and business 2016 provides the essentials to get it all down. Ideal for small businesses and families who need the most popular Microsoft Office 2016 for mac including apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and importantly Outlook.

Latest apps are included and frequently updated so you will always be up to date with the latest features.

What’s included?

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 for mac with a new modern look and time-saving features the 2016 Office Home & Business edition improves collaboration and with the ability to save your documents to the cloud with OneDrive you can access them from anywhere.

  • 1x License (Product Key) for Microsoft 2016 Home & Business
  • Safe & Official Microsoft Download Link
  • Complete versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook
  • All language packs included
  • Suitable for 1 MAC only
  • Only compatible with the latest 3 versions of Mac OS
  • For the latest release buy Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 Purchase and download


Applications Included:

microsoft office professional 2016 upgraded version


Microsoft Word
Take your writing to the next level. Microsoft Word is a perfect tool for bloggers, writers, students or journalists working on professional documents. you can easily use custom templates and added features to take your writing advantages that one step further.


microsoft office professional 2016 upgrade and latest release


Microsoft Excel
One of the worlds most popular spreadsheet programs. Create professional spreadsheets for financial reports using custom-built templates or create your own using modern formulas and calculations.



microsoft office professional 2016 price

Microsoft Powerpoint
Create, neat presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint to make you stand out from the rest. Use animations and pre-made templates to improve your presentations. Perfect for students and business owners.




microsoft office 2016 professional plus download with purchase


Microsoft OneNote
OneNote is best used in a collaborative environment. Insert individual notes, images or other content found on the internet and share with colleagues or family whilst storing it all in one safe, easy to access location.



microsoft office 2016 for mac download after purchase


Microsoft Outlook
Outlook is Microsoft’s easy to use email service. The desktop application offers more in-depth features than the online outlook service. The perfect tool for all your email needs.




Product Compatibility

Windows – NOT Compatible

Apple Mac OS X – Compatible with the 3 latest versions of MAC OS Only
(10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina)

Apple iOS – NOT Compatible (eg, iPad)

Chromebook Chome OS- NOT Compatible

Android – NOT Compatible

Linux – NOT Compatible


How is this item delivered/downloaded?

Our fast and efficient e-delivery system allows for automatic allocation of your product key and near instant delivery. Once payment has been processed we make your unique product key visible on screen with an official Microsoft link to download your software.

We also send this confirmation to the email provided on the order. This ensures we can provide quick service to all of our customers at any time of the day.


– NO disc included. This is a digital download.
– NOT compatible with Windows and/or any Chrome book
– NOT compatible with the iPad
– ONLY Suitable for UK Customers
– Please uninstall all other Microsoft Office versions from your computer before installing your new Microsoft Office.
– Please note that a Microsoft Account is required to activate the product, as this would be assigned to this single account. You can also create a new account during this process if you do not have an account on Microsoft.

149 reviews for Microsoft Office 2016 for mac

  1. Waqar Ahmed

    It is being used by our organization with different perspective like making sheet and integration with other software. This is a paid product from Digital Software Company, but it offers a full suite of very useful applications that make my office work like a dream. I can give presentations, prepare documents and do great work for a small one-time fee. Interestingly, it is also available as a student version for free for students. It offers many templates in each of its apps for easy launch. It seems imperative that it be in my system to achieve my daily goals.

  2. Verified User

    Microsoft Office 2016 is used by clerical and administrative positions throughout this company. It helps facilitate business communications within our company and with our customers. It’s a crucial piece of software that offers many benefits and options to do many tasks. The main products used in the suite are Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  3. Jacob Wall

    Our entire office uses the Microsoft home and business 2016 for Mac on a daily basis as follows:
    Outlook for all internal and a considerable amount of external communication
    Word to create internal & external documentation
    Excel to view, edit and manipulate data files, as well as other administrative tasks
    Access to edit and manipulate data and prepare large amounts of data for import into our software
    The four departments in our company use various applications from Microsoft Office 2016 daily for a variety of tasks.

  4. Scott Herring

    Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac is being used throughout our entire organization as the main software for executing daily office tasks. The most used applications within the product would be Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is a small group within the school that have very specific data manipulation needs that utilize Access, but they generally use it on an as-needed basis and not day-to-day.

  5. Michael Kim

    Office Home & Business 2016 is being used across the whole organization. Within Legal, we use Microsoft Word to draft and negotiate agreements and other legal documents. Microsoft Office addresses many business problems, such as standardization of review internally, ease of transferability, secured tracking of changes, collaboration, presentations, tracking, reporting, etc. Many departments are using Microsoft Excel to track agreements, renewal dates, obligations, etc. Other departments also use Microsoft PowerPoint for internal or external business presentations.

  6. moc3iii

    Purchasing this product was quick and easy. Installing the product was completely straightforward. I had absolutely no issues. This was a great value purchase. I was using Office 2016 and I expected a significant learning curve but it has been a minor issue so far.

  7. Jesse White

    We use Microsoft office 2016 home and business for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails. I have always been a Microsoft user and prefer Office products to Google Suite, mainly because I like having documents right on my computer instead of only existing in the cloud. Everyone in our company uses Office, and we try to use Office with as many of our clients as possible.

  8. beckjian_0

    I don’t believe that at first. One is the price, another is I haven’t used this kind of product before. So I am careful, but that is very great. It still something different from Microsoft Office 2016 I used before, I think it is because I install it on my mac. It works very well and convenient. If you are comfortable with Microsoft office or you want to use it any time, just buy it without hesitating.

  9. Tom

    All good, software works fine

  10. Naveen Gabrani

    We use Microsoft Office 2016 home and business within some of the teams to make/read documents, presentations and spreadsheets.
    Many of our clients share Office documents to share project requirements. We use Office to read these documents. We also use Office to create status documents, quotes and other business specific documents. We also share documents prepared using Office within the company.

  11. felixella

    Really good MS Office 2016 I got 3 users and for the price that was great, I will definitely do business with them again

  12. Robbie Speers

    It’s used by almost all users across our organization. It addresses the business problems such as various bugs with Office 2013 (or Office 2011 for Mac). Specifically with Outlook, I’ve noticed an improvement in performance. We utilize an Exchange Server with 2FA turned on, and Office 2016 works best with this. So we needed to get every updated to this version. For Macs, it solves a problem with Outlook 2011 not being user-friendly and users had to use Mac Mail or our web client. Now they can use Outlook 2016 and see shared mailboxes (something not available in Mac Mail).

  13. maestroflyer

    Digital Software responded to my order within a few hours. He sent the link to download Microsoft Office 2016 with easy-to-follow instructions. I would not hesitate to purchase another product from him in the future.

  14. bmbuck13

    Works great! Easy to download and an accurate step-by-step process to download the file.
    Thanks, Digital Software

  15. Laura Gillenwater

    Microsoft Office 2016 is the standard version of Office used throughout our company. Different areas use different “pieces” of it with different amounts of frequency and depths of feature use. For example, I’m in Learning and Development, so I use PowerPoint and Word frequently and deeply, Excel and OneNote frequently, but not that deeply, and I only rarely touch Access, Visio, and Publisher (and Project, but I’m not sure if that’s technically part of Office) –in fact, I don’t know that I’ve used any of those since we migrated to the 2016 version.

  16. donaldswan

    Office 2016 for mac
    Office 2016, works great!

  17. puahopena

    Easy to download on my mac and affordable, too. MS Office 2016

  18. Cameron Steele

    Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac is being used across our entire company for multiple purposes. We are utilizing Excel for spreadsheet creation and analysis, as well as Word for simple documents like memos and sign-up sheets. The simplicity of its use allows our entire staff, no matter how seasoned or technically savvy, to fully engage in leadership and management of systems and procedures.

  19. Jerome Pierce

    Microsoft office 2016 home and business is a standard application that we utilize at our institute. We use it for both PC and Mac platforms and is a staple that fits our document editing and creation needs.

  20. Lochan Kalicharan

    Office 2016 is used across the entire organization to allow the sharing of spreadsheets, documents and projects. It allows real time edits to be made and allows us to effectively communicate via email through outlook. Outlook is used in conjunction with exchange to also utilize calendars and sharing of events and meetings.

  21. Niladri Chatterjee

    Microsoft Office 2016 home and business is one of the most essential software in our organization. I mostly use MS Word for copywriting purposes, be that writing a simple article for our company’s official blog or crafting social media posts. Other than Word, there are many more products from this software bundle we use daily in our organization. For example,
    Our accountant uses Excel to maintain accounts and create various reports.
    PowerPoint is being used for presentations in almost all departments.
    Outlook is a pretty handy tool to have a track on emails without leaving the main workflow, so it’s installed on almost every PC in our company.

  22. Alyssa Kapinus

    Microsoft office home and Business 2019 for Mac is used company-wide. It is the main software program used for data, finance, comp, as well as a variety of other areas including meetings. We would not function as smoothly without it.

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Is your software legitimate?

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